Flash Lube Package III

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Radiator Flush & Fill, Anti-Rust Radiator Treatment Flash Lube Package III "Flash Lube Package III" Oil change (up to 5 Qt), Radiator Flush & Fill, Anti-Rust Radiator Treatment.

Corrosion is the primary cause of malfunctions in heating systems. Not only does it deteriorate the components of the system, but over the years corrosion significantly reduces efficiency, increasing consumption and, as a result, operating costs. For example, corrosion in a heating system containing cast iron or steel radiators produces a sludge that accumulates at the bottom of the radiators, obstructing the radiators themselves and the pipes, resulting in a partial or total loss in thermal performance and uneven heat distribution. In conventional aluminium radiators, corrosion produces gas pockets which prevent the radiator from heating evenly and may limit thermal performance.To stop corrosion even before it starts.

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